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Everyone desires clear, glowy and spotless skin but quite often we are unsure of what needs to be done with those wrinkles, dark circles and blemishes. Achieving flawless and beautiful skin is not a distant dream anymore. A scientifically proven, non-surgical cosmetic treatment, Liquid Gold Therapy refreshes, tones and tightens the skin by repairing the elasticity, colour and quality of the skin.

Liquid Gold Therapy utilizes your body’s natural healing abilities to rejuvenate and regenerate the skin. Liquid Gold Therapy treatments drastically boost the natural collagen production which reduces fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, and dark circles and improves skin tone and texture.

How is it done?

The client’s blood is placed in a specialised centrifuge device to extract the Liquid Gold. These natural substances are then injected into the skin or specific area of concern. This treatment stimulates the production of collagen which improves the appearance of your skin and helps to treat a wide range of concerns.

The treatment takes about 45-60 minutes per session. A complimentary consultation is required prior to treatment. Three to six treatments at four to six weekly intervals are often recommended depending on the size of the area to achieve the desired results. Visible results will be seen between 6 to 12 weeks post-treatment, with continued improvements lasting for up to one year. A healthy diet, minimal caffeine and alcohol and sufficient sleep will ensure a good outcome. We also recommend following our pre- and post-treatment guidelines.

If you want to treat hair loss, please be aware that the Liquid Gold Therapy is meant to be used only as part of a comprehensive hair rejuvenation program supervised by your GP, specialist or cosmetic / hair clinic. Patients will progress at different rates depending on their age, general health, baseline condition of your skin and hair and the period since the hair loss first occurred.

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