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Cosmetic Treatments

Supported By A Team Of Qualified And Highly Experienced Doctors And Registered Nurses, Avail Our High-Quality Cosmetic Treatments. Discover the cosmetics and laser clinic in Gold Coast. A Young, Beautiful And Radiant You!

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Skin Treatments

Constant Exposure To Sun, Skin Disorders, And Ageing Can Significantly Contribute To Skin Irregularities In Face As Well As In Other Parts Of The Body.

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Body Sculpting

Finding It Difficult To Shed Those Extra Pounds? Unable To Get Rid Of That Stubborn Fat In Your Thighs And Buttocks?

We Have The Ideal Solution For You. At Niz Cosmetics, a cosmetics and laser clinic in Gold Coast, We Offer The Latest Body Sculpting Treatment Using Trusculpt® Id. A Personalised Solution For Fat Loss. Trusculpt® Id Helps You Lose Unwanted Weight On Your Abdomen Or Multiple Body Areas, All In One Go!

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Medical Treatments

Dr Anwar And Our Dedicated Skin Therapist Can Create An Individualized Treatment Package For Those Who Are Concerned With Acne, Rosacea Or Melasma. We Also Provide Toxin Treatment For Hyperhidrosis (Excessive Sweating) And Bruxism (Teeth Grinding).

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IPL & Laser Treatments

Our Industry Leading Ultra Lux Is A Versatile IPL Technology Which Provides A Variety Of All Core IPL Skin Treatments, RF Skin Tightening, Ultra Sound Body Contouring, Carbon Facial And Laser Tattoo Removal.

Get The IPL Treatment And Improve The Colour And Texture Of Your Skin.

IPL Skin Treatments

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