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Dr. Anwar and Nisla- Founders of NiZ Cosmetics and Laser Clinic

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A flawless, glowing, healthy-looking skin is a great confidence booster. And at NiZ cosmetics, we know what your skin specifically needs. Our passionate team of doctors, nurses & therapists can provide you with a comprehensive array of high quality and safe treatments that will help you attain your desired aesthetic goals. Our objective is to be amongst the best in the Gold Coast by offering everything your skin needs. When it comes to our personalized skin and body treatments, we use the most advanced technology while adhering to the highest professional standards and protocols. Our practice is distinguished by the outstanding training and experience of our team led by Dr. Anwar Alackal Ismail, Co-founder and Medical Director of NiZ Cosmetic and Laser Clinic, Gold Coast.

Our Core Team

Dr. Anwar Alackal Ismail- Medical Director of NiZ Cosmetics

Dr Anwar Alackal Ismail

Medical Director

Dr Anwar has been practicing medicine since 2005. He has practiced medicine in different countries including India, Australia and New Zealand. He has 16 years of medical experience with several qualifications under his belt such as Master Physician, FRNZCGP, FRACGP, ACCD, Professional Certificate in Aesthetic medicine, and Advanced Certificate of Aesthetic Medicine. Dr Anwar leads an experienced team of Cosmetic nurses, Skin therapists and Beauty therapists.

Nisla Rahim Anwar, Managing director of NiZ Cosmetics and Laser Clinic

Nisla Rahim Anwar

Managing Director

A natural-born entrepreneur, Nisla clearly distinguished herself at the age of 16 when she made her foray into her family business. After migrating to the Trans-Tasman, she had the opportunity to work with several prominent brands and scaled the career ladder to achieve the management position in a whizzing period of a year. What followed was a flurry of success stories spanning 10 years.

It is the individual expertise of Dr. Anwar and Nisla combined with their enthusiasm and undying passion for their business and career that has propelled NiZ cosmetics to greater heights, enabling the organization to expand and flourish in the aesthetic industry in a short span of time.

Melissa - Cosmetic Nurse Injector of NiZ Cosmetic and Laser Clinic, Gold Souk


Cosmetic Nurse Injector

Hi 👋 I’m Melissa, I’m a cosmetic nurse injector working alongside Dr Anwar. I’ve been a registered nurse for almost 15 years in the intensive care setting. I became interested in injectable after seeing products used within the medical setting and 6 yrs on I’m still excited by what can be achieved. After suffering from acne myself I also explored their uses in scar rejuvenation. You, all of you, are already beautiful, my job is to help you achieve natural results and preventing ageing using cosmetic injectables & skin treatments.

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